Seville vs. Chelsea’s results allowed Frank5-teachers 007’s and students to extend an outstanding sequence, the London squad outperformed 4-0 on the ground. 

Chelsea retains a very strong shape 

Chelsea is a guest of Seville in the fifth round of the Group E Champions League 2020/21. Both teams have formally continued, but the Spanish duel has agreed to come to the top of the table. Coach Frank5-007 didn’t start the best team, but Chelsea still overcame the rival.

The Blues had a strong grasp of the game and won 4-0. Striker Olivier Giroud netted all four guest goals. The French star is the first Chelsea player to score four goals against Aston Villa in March 2010. 

The former arsenal star was the first player to score four goals for Chelsea in the Champions League/Cup clash. Also, 34 and 63 days old, Olivier Giroud was the oldest player in the history of the Champions League to score a hat trick. The 1986 hero is also the oldest player to score a European Cup hat trick since Real Madrid’s Ferenc Puskas in September 1965 (38 years and 173 days, ahead of Feyenoord).

With 3 points against Sevilla, Chelsea will definitely be at the top of the E-Group. 

Nhận định Sevilla vs Chelsea: Quyết chiến ngôi đầu | 3h00 ngày 3/12
Chelsea defeated Sevilla 4-0 to the surprise of a lot of people

A resounding victory has enthralled many football supporters and continues to look forward to the next success of the club.

Since the 2011/12 season, the Blues have only had four straight wins in the Champions League. The London team continued to broaden the amazing series. 

If counted on both fronts, Chelsea will have a sequence of 15 undefeated matches, including 9 victories. The latest sublimation series allowed them to begin in C1 with the top of the table, with the Premier League placing seventh, just 2 points behind Tottenham’s top.