Messi scored the only goal to help Barcelona defeat Levante 1-0 in the 13th round of La Liga on 14 December.

Barca had a difficult game against the rival at the bottom of the standings. Camp Nou’s home team finished 24 times, 13 of which reached the mark, but just 1 goal. The 1-0 win allowed homeowners to take 8th place in the standings, 9 points behind the Sociedad top team. Barca also has 2 matches in hand.

With its home advantage, Barca is the side that dominates the tie. It was Levante, however, who created the first chance. 12 minutes, Dani Gomez is close to the target. The striker’s kick, though, did not win goalkeeper Ter Stegen. Visitors are playing defensively and planning fast counter-attacks to take advantage of the strength of the attack players. Dani Gomez passed Lenglet easily in the 19th minute, but from near range he fired high into the sky.

After two circumstances of escape from defeat, Barca soon returned to the unit. The Camp Nou squad played wildly. Messi was playing in the role of a striker, but he was constantly dropping low to contest the ball.

In the first half, Barca held the ball 61 percent. Messi has 6 goals, Griezmann has 3 shots, but the pair can’t bring the ball in the net of goaltender Aitor.

Martin Braithwaite played energetically on the left foot. After 16 minutes, he slammed through the visitor’s keeper to make a tough saving.

The layered defense of Levant makes Barca challenging. And when black and white striped shirt defenders make errors, goaltender Aitor can always correct the reflexes and close the corner. 

Barca was also able to clear the deadlock in the 76th minute after 21 times

The score for the home side was Messi’s 600th goal in the Barca jersey. He caught De Jong’s slit, before the cross-corner shot dead goaltender Aitor. The first attack belonged to Griezmann, who had a rolling dispute in the center of the ground. 

The goal of Messi allowed Barca to alleviate the psychological burden. Host players assemble to defend the precarious gap for the rest of the match.