While the acute pneumonia outbreak COVID-19 has just exploded in Europe following a time of lull, European sports leagues are steadily taking the crowd back to the field as an effort to enjoy a regular life while the epidemic was already raging.

It won’t come as a surprise to many people when they turn on TV to watch the new season matches of the German national championship-the Bundesliga began last week. 

Owing to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bundesliga season began on 18 September this year and is scheduled to finish on 22 May 2021, much later than the previous timetable. A total of 18 teams are playing, this is a thrilling competition with a wide audience in Europe, capable of being seen as the Premier League. 

The surprise of this new season is that the crowd has been invited to get right on the pitch from the outset.

It can be seen that Germany and the Bundesliga have been one step ahead in Europe in re-opening the stadiums for the public to reach the first round of the season, although the other football leagues are only mixed. It’s reluctant. 

It is also Germany who is the visionary that made it possible for football to return as early as last season, at a time when the global pandemic is complicated. All thanks to good disease control in the region, along with a health system that ranks first in Europe. 

Of course, this opening must also fulfill certain criteria for the prevention of epidemicsĀ 

As a rule, only home spectators are permitted to be present in the stands of the 18 Bundesliga football fields this season, and they are only allowed to use their seats and maintain social distances in compliance with the regulations.Fans present in the field must also have personal information when buying tickets to help health authorities take control action in the event that any new cases of COVID-19 occur.