The match between Tottenham and Fulham in round 16 of the Premier League was postponed after a majority of players and visitors’ staff were hopeful for Covid-19.

The decision to postpone the match was taken by the organisers of the Premier League shortly before the kick-off period after getting information from the Fulham club that more players were positive for Covid-19. 

Postponement Note Man City – Everton was played at Goodison Stadium

The Premier League leadership has consulted with medical advisors and decided to postpone the game as a precaution and also to protect the health of the players and staff,” the statement added by organizers of the Premier League.

Tottenham and Fulham are the third match to be postponed to Covid-19 after two games and Newcastle-Aston Villa Everton – Manchester City. And with more and more individuals, as well as players afflicted with Covid-19, teams are calling on the Premier League organizers to postpone the competition for a few weeks to ensure the health of players and admirers. 

Although no decisions have yet been taken on the part of the people who are organizing the English football tournament.

A revised timeline will be released later. Man City officials are reportedly being quarantined, although their training ground has been temporarily closed. Apart from this match, Chelsea’s field trip this weekend could also be affected. 

As for Everton, after agreeing to this decision, they requested Man City to share all the details it had submitted to the Premier League to explain the explanation why the postponement was so urgent.In the last two days, English football has seen the postponement of a number of tournaments.

Rochdale’s club announced two postponements in the Second Division, while Doncaster postponed three games. A few matches have had to be postponed by the Morecambe Club in the Third Division.