Due to Covid-19, the match between Tottenham and Fulham has been postponed

The match between Tottenham and Fulham in round 16 of the Premier League was postponed after a majority of players and visitors’ staff were hopeful for Covid-19.

The decision to postpone the match was taken by the organisers of the Premier League shortly before the kick-off period after getting information from the Fulham club that more players were positive for Covid-19. 

Postponement Note Man City – Everton was played at Goodison Stadium

The Premier League leadership has consulted with medical advisors and decided to postpone the game as a precaution and also to protect the health of the players and staff,” the statement added by organizers of the Premier League.

Tottenham and Fulham are the third match to be postponed to Covid-19 after two games and Newcastle-Aston Villa Everton – Manchester City. And with more and more individuals, as well as players afflicted with Covid-19, teams are calling on the Premier League organizers to postpone the competition for a few weeks to ensure the health of players and admirers. 

Although no decisions have yet been taken on the part of the people who are organizing the English football tournament.

A revised timeline will be released later. Man City officials are reportedly being quarantined, although their training ground has been temporarily closed. Apart from this match, Chelsea’s field trip this weekend could also be affected. 

As for Everton, after agreeing to this decision, they requested Man City to share all the details it had submitted to the Premier League to explain the explanation why the postponement was so urgent.In the last two days, English football has seen the postponement of a number of tournaments.

Rochdale’s club announced two postponements in the Second Division, while Doncaster postponed three games. A few matches have had to be postponed by the Morecambe Club in the Third Division.

European sports eventually took the public back to the field

While the acute pneumonia outbreak COVID-19 has just exploded in Europe following a time of lull, European sports leagues are steadily taking the crowd back to the field as an effort to enjoy a regular life while the epidemic was already raging.

It won’t come as a surprise to many people when they turn on TV to watch the new season matches of the German national championship-the Bundesliga began last week. 

Owing to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bundesliga season began on 18 September this year and is scheduled to finish on 22 May 2021, much later than the previous timetable. A total of 18 teams are playing, this is a thrilling competition with a wide audience in Europe, capable of being seen as the Premier League. 

The surprise of this new season is that the crowd has been invited to get right on the pitch from the outset.

It can be seen that Germany and the Bundesliga have been one step ahead in Europe in re-opening the stadiums for the public to reach the first round of the season, although the other football leagues are only mixed. It’s reluctant. 

It is also Germany who is the visionary that made it possible for football to return as early as last season, at a time when the global pandemic is complicated. All thanks to good disease control in the region, along with a health system that ranks first in Europe. 

Of course, this opening must also fulfill certain criteria for the prevention of epidemics 

As a rule, only home spectators are permitted to be present in the stands of the 18 Bundesliga football fields this season, and they are only allowed to use their seats and maintain social distances in compliance with the regulations.Fans present in the field must also have personal information when buying tickets to help health authorities take control action in the event that any new cases of COVID-19 occur.

Messi has scored 600th for Barca

Messi scored the only goal to help Barcelona defeat Levante 1-0 in the 13th round of La Liga on 14 December.

Barca had a difficult game against the rival at the bottom of the standings. Camp Nou’s home team finished 24 times, 13 of which reached the mark, but just 1 goal. The 1-0 win allowed homeowners to take 8th place in the standings, 9 points behind the Sociedad top team. Barca also has 2 matches in hand.

With its home advantage, Barca is the side that dominates the tie. It was Levante, however, who created the first chance. 12 minutes, Dani Gomez is close to the target. The striker’s kick, though, did not win goalkeeper Ter Stegen. Visitors are playing defensively and planning fast counter-attacks to take advantage of the strength of the attack players. Dani Gomez passed Lenglet easily in the 19th minute, but from near range he fired high into the sky.

After two circumstances of escape from defeat, Barca soon returned to the unit. The Camp Nou squad played wildly. Messi was playing in the role of a striker, but he was constantly dropping low to contest the ball.

In the first half, Barca held the ball 61 percent. Messi has 6 goals, Griezmann has 3 shots, but the pair can’t bring the ball in the net of goaltender Aitor.

Martin Braithwaite played energetically on the left foot. After 16 minutes, he slammed through the visitor’s keeper to make a tough saving.

The layered defense of Levant makes Barca challenging. And when black and white striped shirt defenders make errors, goaltender Aitor can always correct the reflexes and close the corner. 

Barca was also able to clear the deadlock in the 76th minute after 21 times

The score for the home side was Messi’s 600th goal in the Barca jersey. He caught De Jong’s slit, before the cross-corner shot dead goaltender Aitor. The first attack belonged to Griezmann, who had a rolling dispute in the center of the ground. 

The goal of Messi allowed Barca to alleviate the psychological burden. Host players assemble to defend the precarious gap for the rest of the match.

Top World Basketball Tournaments (Part 2)

Olympic basketball

Olympic Basketball is one of the most successful summer games in the world, more common than the FIBA World Cup

Gradually, this has been a worldwide theme. Both men’s and women’s basketball was in attendance at the Olympics. 1936 was the first time that men hosted the Summer Olympics, while women’s basketball made its debut at the 1976 Summer Olympics. 

The United States is by far the most active nation in Olympic basketball, with America’s men’s teams winning 15 of the 18 tournaments they competed in, including 7 straight championships from 1936 to 1968. Women’s Teams The United States has won 8 championships out of the 10 tournaments they contested, including 6 straight titles from 1996 to 2016. 

Outside the United States, Argentina is the last nation left to win the tournament. A man or a woman. Some nations such as the Soviet Union (Soviet Union), Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia) and the Unified Team (United Team) are countries that are no longer participating. The United States is the defending champion at both men’s and women’s tournaments. 

On June 9, 2017, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee announced that 3×3 basketball will become the new Olympic sport for both men and women after the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.


ABL stands for the ASEAN Basketball League, composed of six teams from Southeast Asian nations, including one from Hong Kong, one from China, two from Taiwan. One team from Macau, one team from Singapore, one team from Thailand, one team from Indonesia, one team from Malaysia and one team from Vietnam. The tournament was proposed for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was opened on 1 October 2009 with six clubs from six different countries participating in the 2009-10 season.


VBA stands for Vietnam Basketball Association-a professional basketball league formed in 2016 with 5 teams including: Saigon Heat, Danang Dragons, Hanoi Buffaloes, Cantho Catfish, Hochiminh City Wings. Before the start of the 2017 season, Thang Long Warriors was named to the tournament as his sixth team. 

Currently, the VBA teams include: Cantho Catfish (Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho), Danang Dragons (Hai Chau District, Da Nang), Hanoi Buffaloes (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi), Hochiminh City Wings (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City), Saigon Heat (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City), Thang Long Warriors (Cau Giay District, Hanoi). 

Top World Basketball Tournaments (Part 1)

Basketball is a sport that has never been hot before. About 20 to 50 years ago, the United States was the only basketball power in the world. But that changed as the sport became popular and spread to many other countries around the world. There are more and more basketball tournaments, and here is a list of world basketball tournaments that you may want to know about.

FIBA World Cup

The FIBA World Cup is also known as the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the FIBA Basketball World Cup. Before that (1950-2010), it was named the FIBA World Championship-a men’s national team world championship organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA)- (Ball Federation FIBA international basket is the global governing body of this sport). It is considered to be the leading event of FIBA, held every four years. Every four years, teams from all over the world assemble to bid for the world championship title.

The FIBA World Cup is considered to be a prestigious and representative basketball tournament since it is only here that they have the chance to impress and strengthen their place with other teams around the world. 

Their prestige is also replicated across the globe


The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association, a professional basketball league containing 30 teams from North America (29 in the US and 1 in Canada). It is one of the four largest professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada and is considered to be the world’s top professional men’s basketball competition, attracted by all fans around the world.

So far the NBA has grown bigger and bigger, making a great mark in every country that loves and plays basketball by signing with their best players. In addition, there is a very popular women’s tournament called the WNBA. Although not as famous as the NBA, basketball fans still note the tournament. 

Owing to the success and popularity of the NBA, almost all NBA players are the world’s top-paid players with an average annual salary per player.

Surprised at the moment by Chelsea’s results

Seville vs. Chelsea’s results allowed Frank5-teachers 007’s and students to extend an outstanding sequence, the London squad outperformed 4-0 on the ground. 

Chelsea retains a very strong shape 

Chelsea is a guest of Seville in the fifth round of the Group E Champions League 2020/21. Both teams have formally continued, but the Spanish duel has agreed to come to the top of the table. Coach Frank5-007 didn’t start the best team, but Chelsea still overcame the rival.

The Blues had a strong grasp of the game and won 4-0. Striker Olivier Giroud netted all four guest goals. The French star is the first Chelsea player to score four goals against Aston Villa in March 2010. 

The former arsenal star was the first player to score four goals for Chelsea in the Champions League/Cup clash. Also, 34 and 63 days old, Olivier Giroud was the oldest player in the history of the Champions League to score a hat trick. The 1986 hero is also the oldest player to score a European Cup hat trick since Real Madrid’s Ferenc Puskas in September 1965 (38 years and 173 days, ahead of Feyenoord).

With 3 points against Sevilla, Chelsea will definitely be at the top of the E-Group. 

Nhận định Sevilla vs Chelsea: Quyết chiến ngôi đầu | 3h00 ngày 3/12
Chelsea defeated Sevilla 4-0 to the surprise of a lot of people

A resounding victory has enthralled many football supporters and continues to look forward to the next success of the club.

Since the 2011/12 season, the Blues have only had four straight wins in the Champions League. The London team continued to broaden the amazing series. 

If counted on both fronts, Chelsea will have a sequence of 15 undefeated matches, including 9 victories. The latest sublimation series allowed them to begin in C1 with the top of the table, with the Premier League placing seventh, just 2 points behind Tottenham’s top.

The 5 most impressive international matches at EURO 2020 qualifiers in November

Germany vs Belarus (Group C, EURO 2020 qualifiers)

The 2014 World Champion will have a crucial match in Group C qualifying for EURO 2020 with Belarus coming in. Coach Joachim Low is second behind the Netherlands thanks to his head-to-head record of the same 15 points. Welcoming Belarus at home would be a better opportunity to help the tanks secure the first place. 

Die Mannschaft outperformed its adversary in terms of performance, human capital and performance before the conference on 17 November (in Vietnam time). 

Xác định 12 đội tuyển dự Euro 2020 | Báo Dân trí
Belarus won just 1 win in the last 5 tournaments 

Albania vs France (Group H, Euro 2020 qualifiers)

Euro 2016 is second in Group H after Turkey with 19 points. Didier Deschamps’ army was able to take all 3 points with Albania in the final series to No. 1 in the final. 

Albania also has a slim chance of continuing to the other side of the fence. Currently, Edoardo Reja’s teachers and students have 12 points behind Turkey, France and Iceland. The next two positive findings will allow Albania to build a chaos in Group H.

England vs Montenegro (Group A, Euro 2020 qualifiers)

England has a great advantage for the ticket to continue in Group A because it is 3 points clear of its immediate competitor Czech Republic. As a result, a subsequent victory allowed Gareth Southgate’s army to strongly consolidate its No. 1 spot.

Argentina vs Uruguay (Friendly International)

The match between two South American football giants gained media attention with the return of superstar Lionel Messi. The 32-year-old striker was absent from “La Albicelestes” for three months on charges against the South American Football Federation after losing to Brazil in the 2019 Copa America semi-finals.

Brazil vs Argentina (Friendly international)

South American super classics have been the most exciting match in this November international series. While just polite, the encounter between Brazil and Argentina did not lose its intrinsic attraction.